Acceptable Items

Newspaper box
Magazines and catalogs, office paper, advertising mail and newspaper go in this box.    No plastic or garbage.  Cereal boxes, six pack holders and tubes go here.  Holiday wrapping paper is also included.  No foil paper of any kind is allowed.  Note: The Town receives money for this commodity.

Corrugated cardboard
Corrugated cardboard only, please flatten boxes before putting them in.  No Styrofoam, wood or metal goes in here. Note: The Town receives money for this commodity.

Used oils and batteries
Used oil is accepted in see through containers that can be left at the area, no 5 gallon buckets allowed, contaminated oil must wait for hazardous waste day.  Wet cell batteries are accepted; dry cell batteries are not accepted.  Note: The Town receives money for the batteries and burns the oil for heat in the oil furnace at the Highway Garage.

Reusable items
A “Swap Shop” is used for residents of Weare to exchange clean, usable or items only needing minor repairs, items not for resale.  Textiles (clothing bin) are also accepted, items preferred in bags.  If it didn’t sell in the yard sale bring it here and share it with the Town’s people. No electronics or other fee based items are allowed.

Scrap metal
Material must be “clean metal only” in other words no attached rubber, plastic, wood, etc.  No propane tanks or other material are to be put on the metal pile.  Appliances other than those containing refrigerants go on the main metal pile. ABSOLUTELY NO TIRES IN THE METAL PILE

Refrigerators, Dehumidifiers, Air Conditioners
Refrigerators, dehumidifiers and air conditioners go in a separate area near the metal pile.  Please handle them carefully so that the gases do not escape from tubes and REFRIGERATOR DOORS MUST BE REMOVED!!!  Please see Transfer Station Fee Schedule for disposal pricing.

TV’s, Microwaves, Computer Monitors  .
These items are accepted.  Please see Transfer Station Fee Schedule for disposal pricing.

Only brush is accepted with a maximum diameter of 5 inches.  No metal other than nails or screws, no glass, plastic, asphalt, stumps, plywood, paneling, treated wood, stained, or painted wood.

Compost pile
Leaves, flowers, pine needles and grass clippings are accepted.  NO FOOD PRODUCTS.

Construction-Demolition material
There is a combined trailer for asphalt roofing, sheetrock, sheetrock plaster, procelain (including toilets, pressure treated wood, and clean construction debris. There is a charge for this material.

Click here Transfer Station Fee Schedule


Insulation is accepted, but you must see attendant prior to dumping.

Tires are accepted, but there are fees charges.
Please see Transfer Station Fee Schedule for disposal pricing.


Household Hazardous Materials
Annual and/or bi-annual collections of household hazardous material are scheduled during the year, depending upon approval of this expense at the annual Town meeting.    With the approval at Town meeting, grant money is applied for from the State to pay a portion based on a per capita rate.  The following materials accepted include antifreeze, chemicals, chlorine, paint strippers, oil based paints (Latex paints are accepted on a year round basis), and please contact the Transfer Station at 529-1650 for information.

Check with attendant for placement of these items:

Cinder blocks
Asphalt (pavement)

NOTE: call the Transfer Station at 529-1650 with questions.  The transfer station attendants have the right to refuse any trash. Please remember the trash goes to an incinerator to be burned. For this reason, anything that does not burn does not belong in your regular trash. Recycling is mandatory in town, please do your part.

Please help to keep WEARE clean!!