About Us

Weare Conservation Commission Mission

The Weare Conservation Commission is committed to pursuing the following goals:

  • To assure that conservation land areas are available for all Weare residents for respectful and courteous recreational use.
  • To assure that conservation land areas are available for the protection of natural resources.
  • To link existing protected land by obtaining conservation land or easements to protect wildlife corridors.
  • To provide responsible stewardship of the Town's Conservation Fund to achieve the aforementioned goals.
  • To assist the Town of Weare Planning Board by making technically sound recommendations and comments related to the protection of natural resources, wildlife corridors and unique habitats, and watershed concerns that are important to the long-term interests of the town.
  • To work with other town boards, commissions and committees to balance development with conservation consistent with Town regulations and the Town Master Plan.
  • To offer educational resources related to local lands and conservation to all Weare residents.

Weare Conservation Commission By-Laws

Link to State Statues: Chapter 36:A Conservation Commissions

Did you know?
The Weare Conservation Commission
was established by vote in March of 1967.