Cemeteries in Weare

Bean Burial PlaceSouth Road
Benjamin Felch TombMerrill Road
Benjamin Perkins Cemetery254 Mt. Dearborn Road
Brown's CemeteryReservoir Drive
Buxton-Philbrick CemeteryEastman Road
Center Square Cemetery119 East Road
Colby Road CemeteryColby Road
Collins Cemetery392 Reservoir Drive
Corliss Burial Place 267 Mountain Road
Cram Burying GroundsCram Road
David Buxton Burying GroundOld Francestown Road
Dow-Peaslee Burying Ground81 Concord Stage Road
East Weare Cemetery24 Buzzell Hill Road
Eaton Cemetery836 Concord Stage Road
Elisah Grove Cemetery13 Mountain Road
Eliz Dow CemeteryQuaker Street
Friends New South Cemetery26 Thorndike Road
Friends North Cemetery216 Quaker Street
Friends South Cemetery2 Shady Hill Road
Gould-Chase Cemetery30 Gould Road
Grave on Rogers landSouth Stark Highway
GravesColby Road
Green CemeteryOff Eben Paige Road
Hadley Cemetery57 Mt. Dearborn Road
Harvers YardPoor Farm Road
John GillettConcord Stage Road
Johnson Cemetery24 Buzzell Hill Road
Joseph Wilson Tomb52 Norris Road
Luther Lock Burial GroundOliver Road
Maplewold Road ???Maplewold Road
Mudgett Burying GroundMudgett Lane
Muzzy CemeteryUpper Craney Hill Road
Oil Mill Cemetery338 River Road
On Rogers LandSouth Stark Highway
Philbrick Cemetery340 Maplewold Road
Pine Grove Cemetery25 Buzzell Hill Road
Poor Farm Cemetery57 Balch Road
Prince CemeteryMelvin Valley Road
Reade CemeteryShady Hill Road
Reeves YardPoor Farm Road
Samuel Osborne Grave YardMaplewold Road
Sugar Hill Cemetery838 Concord Stage Road
Toby Hill Yard214 Tobie Hill Road
Tomb in South WeareDeering Center Road
Tristran Johnson Grave YardOff Bart Clough Road
Wells Currier Burial LotMountain Road
Whittaker Cemetery119 Maplewold Road
Worthley Burying Ground666 South Stark Highway
Worthley GraveBarnard Hill Road
Cemetery in East Weare on the River in Flood Control area,not moved, near the Half Moon Bridge