Weare Hazard Mitigation Committee

The Weare Hazard Mitigation Committee has completed the 2011 update of the Weare Hazard Mitigation Plan.  The Committee is soliciting comments until september 26th which can be sent to Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission at: [email protected].  A copy of the plan can be found at the Weare Library and Town Offices.

The Weare Hazard Mitigation Plan has been developed to help Weare become a disaster-resistant community by taking measures to reduce future losses from natural or man-made hazardous events before they occur. The Weare Hazard Mitigation Committee (WHMC), made up of community members and town officials, developed the plan and is currently updating it in 2011 as required by FEMA. Public input is encouraged at all committee meetings. Please contact Chief John Velleca, Emergency Management Director, for questions or input on the plan.