Finance Committee

The Finance Committee evaluates the financial and budgetary recommendations of the Board of Selectmen and the Weare School District and reports its recommendations thereon, explaining the tax impact such proposals will have on the Town's tax rate.  Meetings are to be determined each month.

The Weare Finance Committee is an advisory board appointed by the Town Moderator for the purpose of providing information and recommendations to Weare voters regarding budgets of the Town and School.  The committee typical meets only during budget season, October through March of each year.


Board Members

Name Title
Tom Downing Chairman - Member Since 2019
Megan Thellen Vice Chairman - Member Since 2018
Leah Borla Secretary - Member since 2020
Neal Kurk Member Since 2016
Chris Hague Member Since 2018
Thomas Clow Member Since 2018
Tammi Hagman Member Since 2018
James Drury Member Since 2018
Nicole Herbst Member Since 2019
Gary Evans Member Since 2019
Rachel Cisto Member since 2020
Bill Anderson Member since 2020