Agricultural Commission

a Subcommittee of the Planning Board

The Mission of the Weare Agricultural Commission is to conserve agricultural land, protect agricultural viability, and to enhance the practice of agriculture in the Town of Weare.

To Execute this Mission:

  1. The Agricultural Commission will utilize the Farm Inventory Asset List, soil map data, large parcel data available as public record and other sources of legally obtainable information to assess, evaluate, assist and support farm protection and land conservation in order to enhance the practice of agriculture in the Town of Weare.
  2. The Agricultural Commission may advise, work with, support, and communicate with other organizations, agenciesand boards where agricultural land opportunities are concerned.  The Agricultural Commission may raise or accept funds, and donate or disburse funds as approved by the Agricultural Commission in order to support said opportunities.
  3. To deepen its outreach program to create public awareness, seek public support, and to generally promote agriculturally related activities.

Board Members

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