Elderly and Disabled Tax Deferrals

Elderly and Disabled Tax Deferrals:  The Town of Weare offers elderly and disabled tax deferrals, pursuant to RSA 72:38-a for property owners that are (a) either at least 65 years old or eligible under Title II or Title XVI of the federal Social Security Act for benefits for the disabled; and (b) has owned the homestead for at least 5 consecutive years if the person qualifies as an elderly applicant, or has owned the homestead for at least one year if the person qualifies as a disabled applicant; and (c) is living in the home.  Contact the Assessor’s Office at (603) 529-1515 for additional information. Application PA-30 to be completed and signed by the applicant and submitted by March 1st.  Click on the following link for PA-30 application form.