Officer Feedback

Guidelines for Providing Feedback on an Employee

Do you believe a member of the Weare Police Department has gone above and beyond in the course of his or her duties?

Would you care to express your  appreciation with a simple thank you, or perhaps, recommend the member for an official commendation?

We very much hope you consider sharing the details with us! This information is extremely valuable to our administration as we continuously pursue a path towards offering unparalleled police service!  

You are more than welcome to drop by, or call, the Weare Police Department during regular business hours. Simply ask to speak to with Chief Moore or Lieutenant Hebert. If you prefer, you may write a note for postal delivery or draft an email to their attention.

Please remember to  include the member’s name if known along with the circumstances surrounding the assistance provided.

 Civilian Compliments


For your convenience and ease of access our administration provides a form for the submission of cooncerns on sworn/unsworn members. However, any and all civilian concerns will be accepted whether in written or verbal form. Transparency and accountability is of the utmost importance and we will fully investigate the concern to land at the most appropriate solution.

File a Concern